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Let’s talk about installing the Windows® 11 operating system on a PC or laptop with low requirements.

Let’s see how to configure and install this Windows® 11 following the low requirements of your PC or laptop.

We need 3 files for this. I’m using the Windows® 10 ISO file here. I’m also using Windows® 11. I’ll use ” Rufus ” software.

We can boot into a USB Pendrive. I’ll open the software here. After opening it, you’ll see a ” boot section “.Then click on the “select ” button. After clicking on it, you need to select the location where the Windows® ISO file is located. I’ll select the file with the location here and open it. Then click on the ” partition scheme ” and install ” MBR “.If your motherboard has ” UEFI ” mode, you can use ” GPT”. You can select ” NTFS ” as a file system and click the ” start ” button. Then click on that window and you can boot windows 10 to your pen.

Then go to ” This PC”. Then select USB Pendrive. Go to the ” source ” folder. Search for install. Then delete  ” install.esd ” file from your pen. Then go to the location of your Windows ISO file. Double click on it and open it. Then go to the ” source ” folder inside it. Search for install. You can then see ” install.wim ” file. Copy it and come to the window where Pendrive is open and paste that file.

Then restart your PC and now go to your ” BIOS ” settings and select Pendrive. You can see the Windows 10 logo. We booted the Windows 10 ISO file to the pen. All you have to do is partition your hard drive and go to windows installations. When it is done, we will see windows 11 setup.

You can see the welcome screen of Windows 11. You can understand about legal requirements for installing windows 11 on a PC. You can go to windows settings and say about it under system settings. Go to it and say windows specifications. Under it edition is given as” Windows® 11 pro “, Version is ” div “

Next, you can see ” the change product key or upgrade your edition of Windows® “.Click on it. You can see that it is a ” change product key “.After clicking on it, if there’s an ” OEM ” key that you bought in the window that appears, you can see that ” Windows is activated ” after activating it.

And we can install any app from the Microsoft® app.

So we already discussed a lot about format strings.

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